Want to be a Footgolf pro in no time? Here are our top tips for beginners!
21 December 2016

A sport that can be enjoyed by everyone – it can also be deceptively difficult! If you’re new to the sport but in it to win it, here are some of our tops tips to help you reach the leader board….


Every extra yard can help, so move the ball as far as permitted within the designated tee box to get the best advantage on your shot!


Avoid height – hitting the ball high could sacrifice distance, and encourage room to spin. We don’t deny that some room for spin can be useful at times of tricky obstacles and angles, but on a distance shot it can be detrimental and take your shot off course.


Practice, and line it up to get the best shot. Just like you would in golf, take a few practice swings (with your leg) before hitting the ball. Use your stationary leg to line it up by pointing your foot towards the hole.


Watch out for roll time! Remember this has a large element of golf, and unlike football there is no one at the end of your shot to stop the ball - which means you may not know how long it will actually continue rolling on its own. Bare this in mind so that you don’t over-estimate the shot!


Watch out for wind – check the direction it’s blowing, especially given the unpredictable Yorkshire weather! The wind can easily deflect your ball and ruin the shot!




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