Top Tips for Pirate Adventure Golf
1 September 2017

Mastering putting

Pirate Adventure golf is all about mastering putting! One of the major problems that players have during a round of Pirate Adventure golf is over-hitting the ball on swings.  Remember not to swing as though it is a drive or fairway shot – simply putt smoothly through the ball and see the improved results.

Think strategically

Courses are designed so that there are ways around the obstacles that are creating the challenges. Once you identify how to play around these obstacles and a strategy for the shortest route to the hole – it’s going to get easier.

Tune out distractions

Pirate Adventure golf course is designed to create distractions and intimidating looking shots – so try not to get caught up about them! Just like actual golf, it’s all about concentration!

Don’t hit too hard

As mentioned earlier, it’s all about putting. Therefore, to stay below or on par, make sure to avoid hitting the ball too hard.

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