Tips and Tricks
1 July 2017

Just get started – the simplest way to learn is to get out on the course and give it a go, what are you waiting for?

Know the rules – Make sure you have a read of the rules before you begin, and remember the concept is super simple -  get your ball in to the hole in as few strikes as possible. The fewer kicks you do the better. You’re going to have short holes and long ones, and the odd obstacle here or there.

Maximise the kick – Place your ball as far forward within the tee box as permitted!

Master the basics – save spin and height until after you’ve mastered the basics.

Dress for it – there’s no rules for attire, this is simply practicality! Make sure you are wearing something that you can move in, especially if you want a run up to the ball or go in for a big swing kick!

Know the fairway – it’s good to know what to expect on the Footgolf course. Have a walk around the course before you start the game, so when you start playing you know where to aim.

Practice – just because you are good at football doesn’t mean you will be at Footgolf. Practice making a few targeted shots before you play an actual game, it’s a lot harder then you might think!

Strike with your laces – hitting the ball on that part of the foot will lend your kick the perfect power as well as control.

Practice with both feet – if you can master kicking with both feet then it will definitely work to your advantage in tricky shots! If you find yourself in a situation where you find an obstacle that might make it difficult for you to kick with your preferred foot, then you’ve always got another option!

Remove your ball – don’t forget to remove your ball from the hole once you’ve made the shot! There is likely to be other people on the course and you don’t want to mess up their shot.

Think Footgolf - The problem some newbies have when they come to Footgolf is that they are either too preoccupied with golf, or too preoccupied with football. Footgolf really is a hybrid and to become the best you need to hone skills used in both. Golfers are used to the precision and challenge of a varying course, as well as the rules. Footballers are used to the long kicks, not necessarily highly accurate. You need to combine the two to be good at Footgolf.

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