Reasons to get outside this winter!
1 December 2017

These winter months may seem like the perfect reason to stay indoors, wrapped up, and have the heating on full! The thought of spending time outdoors might be enough to make you shiver, but here is why you should fight that urge, get outdoors and keep active with some Footgolf and Pirate Adventure Golf…

Fight the seasonal SADness

Seasonal Affectiive Disorder is a condition, which causes us to have depression-like symptoms, as a result of decreased exposure to sunlight and low levels of vitamin D.

Even the cold, cloudy days we get in England is enough to counteract such symptoms…. Walking around the Footgolf course should do the trick!

Improve your mood

Getting outside really does improve your mood, especially if you dress for it and manage to keep the cold out!

Plus, if you’re doing a fun activity, it’s definitely worth braving the weather instead of sitting in!

Update your workout

Changing up your ways to stay active is a great way to keep you motivated! Not only does Footgolf seem like more fun than fitness, but doing it outdoors is also a complete change of scenery… sure to keep you interested!

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