Pirate Adventure Golf - Top-Tips to make the leader board!
1 March 2017

Footgolf Yorkshire is also the home of Pirate Adventure Golf, the only ‘crazy golf’ style game in Hull. Our course has 9 challenging holes for all the family to enjoy – here are our top-tips to help you make it to the leader board!


Practice makes perfect

This is true for most things – the best way to improve is by doing it a lot and learning the course! Lucky for you, we are open 7 days a week for you to perfect your game. No matter how many Pirate ships, or treacherous waters the course throws at you, remember that it’s just a series of putting greens. Grip the putter securely, and swing from the shoulders – not from the wrists.


Watch your speed

The speed is key to getting a good score because you have to get it close to the hole on both hard and easy holes. On a challenging hole it’s important to estimate the speed correctly so that if you miss you have an easy second putt! Focus on the hole and try to ignore the One Eyed Prisoner.


Observe your competition

Suggest your friends go first so that you can judge the speed of the surface and what speed does or doesn’t work! We suggest having a sneaky walk of the course before you start the game so that you are familiar with the obstacles, tricks and layout of the holes.


Keep your heels down

Whatever position you decide to have your feet, and angle of putter, make sure you keep your heels planted firmly on the ground during the stroke, with the legs slightly bent to make sure that you are stable enough to make the best shot.

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