New Year Footgolf
3 January 2018

Wanting to get fit in the New Year? Perhaps it’s your resolution? Here is why Footgolf could be the best option for you!

It’s Fun

Most people give up their ‘get fit’ resolutions within a few months, because running on a treadmill can get pretty boring, fast! Playing Footgolf is exactly what it says, it’s something you play, which means it’s fun! If you struggle to keep up your exercise routine because it’s not something you enjoy, then Footgolf may be your solution!

It’s sociable

This isn’t an exercise routine that you have to do on your own; it’s something for the whole family to enjoy! Instead of worrying who is going to look after the kids when you go to the gym, it’s a fun opportunity to spend time together, keep active, and make memories!

It’s outside

Being outside keeps things interesting, it’s not like you have a ‘stop’ button in front of you like you do on a treadmill! You are much more likely to keep moving for longer when you are outside in the fresh air, it’s much more enjoyable!

It doesn’t involve a gym membership

A huge perk of using Footgolf as a tool to get fit, is not having to pay for an expensive gym membership! We always have offers, early bird discounts, and competitions to win days out!

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