Mastering the Strike!
8 February 2017

If you’re familiar with golf then you will know how important your swing is and how it affects your game. The kick in footgolf, is essentially the swing – so it’s essential to master in order to become a pro at the game!


There are a number of different kicks to choose from during the game, but you may NOT touch, tap or roll the ball with the bottom of your foot. Here are some for you to think about when you next hit the course…


The Toe Prod – The toe kick can be extremely useful during the footgolf game, especially when it comes to chipping and putting. The toe prod allows you to lift the ball, or punt it into the hole from a short distance. It may not be one to pull out during a football match, but it should get you the glory in footgolf.


The Laces Kick – This kick is like your driver, the one to use off the teeing area and on long holes because it’s got the most power and speed! Just remember though, the more power, the less accurate!


Outside Foot – This is the one for bending your ball around an obstacle in front of your shot line. Put a spin on the ball by using the outside of the foot and bend it around!


Inside Foot – This is the mid-range iron or wedge you would use in golf, for footgolf! If you want to avoid that hazard or chip/shoot into the green from a shorter distance away, then this is the kick!


Put some of these into action when you next have a game at Footgolf Yorkshire!

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