How to stay golf fit, and why it’s good for you!
7 December 2016

One of the reasons that we love golf so much is the fact that it is a sport where the overall risk of injury is low – it’s a leisurely sport with little impact that helps you to keep fit and sociable!


That doesn’t mean injuries still can’t and don’t occur, so here are some of our top tips to keep you fit on the course…
Take lessons – good technique is your best defence against injuries, and thankfully that is something we can provide! Come and see us if you fancy learning the ropes or improving your skills.
Use good equipment – visit FG Sports for advice, measurements      and proper fittings. FG Sports stock all of the best kit and equipment to keep you safe, comfortable and able to perform your best.
Warm yourself up before playing a game. We would recommend some gentle movement and mobility exercises with some air swings to get your arms and shoulders moving.
We know that golf has a positive impact on physical health, it keeps players fit and healthy, and is suitable for almost anyone thanks to it’s moderate activity level and low impact, which is one of the many reasons to take part in the sport.
We also like to shout about the benefits of golf on mental health and wellbeing – here are just a few of the positives from regularly playing our favourite game…
Golf is a perfect example of ‘green exercise’, which is combining exercise and an outdoor activity. Studies have shown that taking part in exercise in outdoor locations produces a greater positive affect on one’s self-esteem than indoor exercise!
Concentration and focus that is required in golf is a perfect way for your mind to focus on the task at hand, stop the mind wandering and worrying, and ultimately unwind after a potentially stressful day.
Socialising is one of the crucial protective factors from developing any kind of mental health problems, and golf is a sport that promotes sociability, the opportunity to meet others, make friends and enhance relationships.
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