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FootGolf, the hottest new sport to hit the world today. It combines the social aspect and elegance of Golf with the world's passion for Soccer. This brilliant idea will allow sportsmen to share their competitive spirit with their friends and family.

FootGolf is fun and exciting and the fact that strength and endurance are not the key factors to winning make FootGolf a game for every man, woman, and child.

This new sport is attracting everybody's attention especially those that wish they could play golf or soccer well but do not have the energy to run around a pitch.

A soccer ball, scorecard and pencil is all you need to play and start enjoying the sport of FootGolf. This is a sport for the XXI Century and in the very near future; everyone will be playing the best game ever invented! The course at One Stop Golf, Hull is the first affiliated footgolf England course in the UK. Designed to test every players ability whether young, old or professional the skill is getting it in the hole. Each of the 9 holes are differently designed some have bunkers & water hazards and others three tier greens.

The short first par3 hole starts off the game at just over 50 yards but be careful if your ball ends up in a bunker you will start with a penalty shot!

The second and third holes are pretty straight forward providing you don't go out of bounds. By the time you reach the fourth hole you should be warmed up and ready to whack the ball a little harder as this hole is the first of par 4.

The fifth hole incorporates a water ditch and whilst you won't lose your ball in the hazard it will cost you a penalty shot!. The 6th features a three tier green and you will do well to make par here.

Onto the seventh and a real risk and reward hole the flag is hidden behind the trees and very close to the out of bounds. The par 4 eighth hole is probably the most difficult hole on the course with lots of mounds to travel over.

The last hole is the longest on the course and needs a right to left shape to get your ball anywhere near the green.

The course has been constructed using all weather synthetic tees and greens to allow continuous play throughout the winter months.